Heinzmann HydroTech - Celebrating 10 Glorious years of Digital Governor Application in Hydro Power !

Company Overview

    Heinzmann HydroTech Private Limited (HHPL)is a fully owned subsidiary company of BOOM Systems Private Limited, India. The company was founded in year 2000 and has a strategic tie up with Heinzmann GmbH & Co. KG, Germany. Heinzmann product clientele is spread all over the world and include all leading Engine and Turbine manufacturers. Other Industrial use of Heinzmann Speed Governors - Diesel prime movers (Used to drive Pumps, Generators etc.) Ships, Locomotives, Gas, Water and Steam Turbines, Industrial Vehicles (e.g., Cranes), Military Projects, Dual Fuel Engines, Bofor’s Guns, Railways including EFI, Diesel Engines, Oil Industry. Whereas we can provide design and system soltions for these industries our core focus area is Hydro Power.

    What do we do ?At HHPL we develop robust and efficient solutions for Automation and Turbine Management System for all types of hydro turbines namely;

    (1) Pelton Wheel Turbines (Horizontal, vertical, Multi jet(Single, Double or Multiple Regulation)

    (2) Kaplan Turbines (Vertical, Hirizontal, Bulb / Pit)(Double Regulation)

    (3) Francis (Vertical, Horizontal)(Single Regulation)

    We Cater to sales, services, assembly and manufacture of Heinzmann Governors, Analog and Digital Speed Governor Systems (Including Actuators) with all accessories; Speed Pick – Up’s, Connectors, Positioner Electronic Units, Solenoids, Pressure & Temperature Sensors and Cable Harness, EFI Controls, etc. For more details on our solutions and services please refer to Solutions & Services section.

    Within a short span of time since its inception, HHPL has been able to secure several orders from prestigious customers in India and has emerged as a credible service provider to any complex problem.


    Directors Message

    Our core team comprises of hydro power experts with more than 30 years in the hydro and automation industry. Our core strengths are our technology know how and innovation focus. Our people are trained on varius aspects such as engineering, design and quality control. We have a well trained team and well equipped design-test-simulation facility to achieve our quality goals.

    “We innovate and consistently merge our synergies to develop
    state of the art,  reliable, cost-effective, accurate automation
    and control systems.”





    Our Departments

    Our teams are structured and trained to serve our clients and to cater to industry in the best possible way. We lay equal focus on providing our people an exposure to the latest prevalent technology developments as well and provide an environment and infrastructure for research and development. We take utmost pride in our manfacturing, inspection and quality control methodologies which enable us to have smooth installation and commisioning procedures.

    Our project teams are structured to enable a rounded processes for technology development and management, such as;

    (1)Technology Development - Also referred to as Research & Development team where the main focus is to integrate with the existing and prevelant projects going inhouse and globally and to upgrade our technology to handle core issues and varied operational error conditions.

    (2)Design & Engineering - This team not only comprises of passionate engineers but also contains know-how to develop state of the art efficient solutions for wide range of applications.

    (3)Quality Assurance - These health doctors pride themselves for accurate and repeatable quality checks that enable easy an trouble free inspection, installation & commissioning.

    (4)Services, Commissioning & Training - This team binds the development, engineering & manufacturing efforts to make things work correctly to deliver best results to our clients. Their experience across all types of turbines enable them to run a 24/7 support call for our projects. As emergency doctors they are also available to run maintenance checks and reports for our clients. HHPL will shortly be setting up a training centre for the benefit of its clients at Faridabad (India) Head Office.


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